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Instead of moving on the trapeze, I rather move with the trapeze and that in such a continuous way that
that it is hardly possible to distinguish between individual parts.
My performance is not only about me as an artist, but much more about the unity of music, movement, my personality and that of the audience that I create. The result is a dreamy atmosphere full of different emotions.
The audience can accompany me through the ups and downs of life,
may fly, fall and dance with me.


Is 'rising up' always the most important thing?
Isn't it really about just going on and on?

Never stopping to move?

I want to take every single audience member on a very individual journey.

Through my movements, I want to evoke tension and relaxation equally and let the thoughts of each individual run free.

I want to stimulate perception and at the same time enable a brief escape from one's own thoughts.

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